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Dynamic Market Analysis
Adapt to today's health care markets and predict tomorrow's health care industry trends with competitive landscape analysis and data from our market research firm. Analyst, Health Care Industry Trends

Markets in Focus
can give your company a competitive edge in sales strategy, managed care marketing, product development and corporate planning with our executive advisory service and strategic analytics reports.

SPECIAL REPORT: State of the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2010–Critical Role of Midsize Pharma

Delivering Insight

Whether you're seeking an in-depth analysis of health care industry trends or simply would like a quick view of the competitive landscape, Markets in Focus supplies you with the essential tools of success.

Choose from a variety of services and publications in order to provide your company with the market research needed to succeed.

Health Care Market Research
Provided Analysis of

Pharma and Biotech

Health Care and Managed Care

Public Policy and Government Affairs


Spectrum Service
Gain insight into tomorrow's challenges and opportunities with Spectrum Service, a comprehensive executive advisory service based on research and analysis of health care markets. Spectrum Service provides you with analysis of primary data, industry expertise, expert analysis, and comprehensive industry coverage.
Market Overview Series
The Market Overview Series supplies insight into 87 of the United States' metro regions and allows you to choose between a broad overview and detailed analysis of each area. These surveys analyze vital elements of health care markets, including legislation, hospitals, health plans, physicians, and employers.
Health Plan Data & Analysis
For the leading source of benefit designs, contracting strategies, financial performance, and enrollment information, choose Health Plan Data and Analysis. These reports are a valuable tool for strategic planning, sales strategy development, and competitive landscape monitoring.


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